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PART III-Section 4


 No.74]               NEW DELHI, MONDAY, MARCH 26, 2001                            


Dated, the 23rd March 2001 

No.3/15/99-CERC - In exercise of powers conferred under Section 55 of the Electricity Regulatory Commissions Act 1998, (Act 14 of 1998) the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission, hereby makes the following regulations namely:

 1. Short title and commencement

1.1 These regulations may be called the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (Medical Facilities) Regulations, 2000.

1.2 They shall come into force with immediate effect.


2.1  They shall apply to all the employees of the Commission including contract employees, if any, and their families but not to the Chairperson and members of the Commission.

3. Definitions

3.1 "Controlling Officer" means the officer designated by the Competent Authority to be the Controlling Officer.

3.2 "Competent Authority" means the Chairperson of the Commission and includes any other Officer so designated by him.

3.3 "Employee" means any person appointed by and on the rolls of the Commission.

3.4 "Family" for the purpose of these Regulations shall have the same meaning as defined in the Central Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 1944 as amended from time to time.

3.5 Words and expressions used and not defined in these Regulations but defined in Central Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 1944 shall have the meaning assigned to them in these Rules.

4. Outdoor Treatment:

4.1 The officers and staff will be entitled to the reimbursement of medical expenses, for themselves and their family members including dependents with the following annual limits from April to March every financial year on production of bills/cash memos:-

S.No.                 Designation                 Annual limit
1.        Secretary/Chief                         Rs.14000/-

2.       Jt.Chief/Deputy Chief                  Rs.11000/-

3.        Asstt.Secy./Asstt.Chief/PPS/       Rs.  9000/-
          Bench Officer/DDO/PS

4.       Assistant/P.A.                           Rs.   6500/-

5.        Steno/LDC/Driver/Sr.Peon/Peon   Rs.   3000/-

4.2. This annual limit is not inclusive of the expenses incurred on major tests such as MRI, CT Scan, Angiography etc. which will be reimbursable on actual basis or the limits laid down by All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, whichever is lower.

4.3 The annual ceiling amounts indicated above can be claimed on production of medical bills/cash memos as per proforma at Annexure-I.

5. Treatment Abroad

5.1 For treatment during foreign visit, - reimbursement will be limited to entitlement in accordance with CS (MA) Rules

6.When both are Government servants

6.1 When husband and wife both are employed in Govt/PSU/Autonomous bodies/Statutory bodies/State Govts/Local bodies etc. a joint declaration will be furnished by the employees to the effect that his or her spouse is not availing medical facility provided by his/her office and the employee is also not availing the medical facilities provided by his/her spouse.

7 Submission of claims

The employees are required to prefer the claims within three months from the date of completion of treatment

8 Indoor Treament:

8.1 Indoor treatment shall be governed by the schedule being notified separately.

9. Interpretation

All cases of relaxation/interpretation and extension of various clauses would be referred to the Central Government for examination/decision

K. Venugopal,Secy

[ADVT III/IV/Exty./150/2000]




  1. Name & Designation_________________________________________________
  2. Name of the Patient & relationship _____________________________________
  3. Place at which patient fell ill __________________________________________

4 Name of the Doctor/ Hospital__________________________________________

  1. Consultation Charges:
  2. No. & Dates of Consultations


  3. Special Consultations
  4. No.& Dates of Consultations

  5. Pathological Charges:

  7. Cost of Medicines

S.No.   Cash Memo No.      Date








(In words) Rupees

       I hereby declare that the statements in the application are true to the best of my knowledge and belief and that the person for whom medical expenses were incurred is wholly depend upon me.

List of Encl:

Date:                                                                          Signature of the Claimant




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