Central Electricity Regulatory Commission
Core 3, 6th Floor, Scope Complex, New Delhi – 110 003.
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Section 27C of the Indian Electricity Act 1910, empowers the Commission to grant to any person a transmission licence  to construct, maintain and operate any inter-State transmission system, under the direction, control and supervision of the Central Transmission Utility.  The application for grant of transmission licence shall be on such terms; in such form and accompanied by such fees as may be notified by the Central Commission in this behalf.  A draft document for this purpose has been prepared by the staff of the Commission, which can be downloaded from the Commission’s website  http://www.cercind.org. A copy of the draft document can be collected from the office of the Commission from 10.30 AM to 4.30 PM on any working day.  It can also be obtained by post by sending a self-addressed A-4 size envelope pre-stamped for Rs.50/- to the office of the Commission.

            The Commission invites interested persons to file their objections or comments on the revised document prepared by the staff of the Commission by 10th January, 2001 at the office of the Commission in the manner prescribed in chapter II of the CERC (Conduct of Business) Regulations, 1999.  These Regulations are also available on Commission’s website.

            The Commission shall hold hearing on 15/1/2001 at 10.30 AM at its office at Core 3, 6th Floor, Scope Complex, New Delhi – 110 003.  Interested persons desirous of being heard may indicate so specifically while filing their objections/comments and also be present for hearing on the date specified above at the Commission’s office.

By Order of the Commission






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